Team Teaching

I have participated in the following team teaching collaborations:

  • ISAT 252 Team–Programming and Problem Solving
    Every spring since I’ve been here I’ve been a core member of this team and have contributed significantly to the teaching resources available to the team through the creation of videos and websites and also through revisions to the course CAR
  • ISAT 340 Team–Software Development
    Every fall since I’ve been here I’ve been a core member of this team.  I’ve made significant improvements to the course by leading the move away from MS Access to SQL Server, and using more up-to-date server-side web development technology, particularly the ASP.Net MVC framework
  • GISAT 160–Critical Thinking
    Maria Papadakis and I team taught a section of this course for the Environment Learning Community in the Fall 2009 semester.
  • ISAT 440–Social Aspects of Computing
    I team taught this course with David McGraw in the Spring 2007 semester.  We successfully incorporated community service learning into this course, and one of the semester projects from the course turned into published research at NCUR the following year.
  • GISAT 131–Science, Technology and Society
    I taught a small group discussion section in an experimental version of this course taught in the Spring 2011 semester under the direction of David McGraw and Jeff Tang. I provided detailed feedback to the David and Jeff on what things worked well and not so well about the new course format.
  • ISAT 640–Data Mining for the SERM Program
    I collaborated with Michel Camilleri and Chris Staff of the University of Malta in the development of a two-week mini-course in Data Mining for the MSISAT SERM program.  My efforts were deemed to be so valuable that I was asked to teach this course annually instead of semi-annually.

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