Projects Completed

I have extensive experience in building and deploying software and websites.  I am an expert in the field of web development with a strong portfolio that continually grows by approximately 6-10 new projects each year that are delivered to clients. By engaging with clients in industry, I maintain my ability to keep current with new and emerging technologies and development approaches, which is essential to be able to educate students of technology effectively.

My professional/industry portfolio includes:

  • The ISAT Websites
    While not involved in the technical implementation, I designed the website architecture that was adopted for all of the CISAT websites. In particular, it was my idea to separate the individual program websites away from the departmental site.  The main reason for this is that the administrative divisions within JMU are of no interest to outside constituencies whose main concern is for the programs they are interested in.
  • Public Performance Measurement and Reporting Network website
    PPMRN is an organization whose goal is to “promote the use of valid, reliable data as a key element in improving the delivery of public services.”  They are funded by the Sloan Foundation and I was hired to build and host their website.  They have over 2000 members and run both an annual conference and professional certificate program.  All of these activities are supported through the site that I built for them.
  • VA Department of Historic Resources Highway Marker Search website
    I was contracted to build a visual interface that allows the public to search for the historic highway markers in Virginia. This site has been live since the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown in spring of 2007.  It integrates Google maps to show the locations of the markers on an interactive map.
  • NextStep Wind Energy Calculator
    I supervised the building of this online tool designed to help Virginians determine whether or not it would be economically feasible to build a wind turbine on their property.  This website was built by ISAT students Brian Rapp and David Ramsey and supported by funding through a grant secured by Jon Miles and the Virginia Wind Energy Collaborative.
  • Personality Pad–A website for intentional self-development
    This website makes use of the Qualtrics API to automate the delivery of surveys and presentation of the results to individuals engaged in targeted personal self-development plans.  It is part of a research grant headed by Eric Pappas funded by the NSF.  It is also a part of the dissertation research of Jesse Pappas who is working on his PhD in psychology at the University of Virginia.  In order to complete this project I spearheaded a petition to JMU to acquire access to the Qualtrics API, thereby extending the capabilities of all researchers at JMU who use this tool.
  • Positopia
    I built a piece of desktop software that would poll a server on a regular basis in support of a company (now defunct) called OrderTopia that was working to provide a system that would allow small restaurants to provide an online ordering to their customers.
  • MORALS–MultimediaOral Report & Assessment Learning System
    When I was a lecturer at New Jersey Institute of Technology I built this system as a “plugin” for WebCT (since bought by Blackboard) when there was no plugin architecture for such systems.  Even though Blackboard has since implemented peer evaluation tools into its system, nothing like this tool yet exists in the market.
  • Facebook Applications
    I have worked with students to create multiple Facebook applications including Book Cheetah, an ISAT senior project that built an app that allowed college students to buy and sell used textbooks from peers, and also an intelligent system designed to recommend beers based on a person’s personal tastes.
  • The Microarray Website
    I worked with Louise Temple to put together this website that has supported her grant funded work on microarray research.
  • Web Hosting for 50+ Websites
    As a consultant I run a web hosting company hosts websites for nearly 50 clients in sectors from the reverse mortgage industry, to musicians, to construction contractors, to security consultants.