Peer Consultation

I am frequently consulted by colleagues in the ISAT Department for ideas on how to improve their pedagogy or deal with academic integrity issues:

  • The e-mail thread that I participated in during the Spring 2011 semester led to the establishment of the ISAT May Mini-Symposium on Pedagogical Innovation at which I was the first invited keynote speaker
  • David McGraw consulted me on using alternative grading strategies for a course he taught during the Summer of 2010
  • Stephanie Stockwell consulted with me on the use of portfolios in her classes for the Fall 2011 semester
  • Mike Deaton consulted me on an academic integrity issue he experienced in his course during the Spring 2011 semester
  • Maria Papadakis invited me to team teach her GISAT 160 course for the Environment Learning Community in the Fall 2009 semester
  • Mary Handley frequently solicits my help on developing assessments of BSISAT Program performance

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