Advising Senior Projects

I have been the primary advisor to twenty-seven students on fifteen senior projects in the five years I’ve been here.  I spend a significant amount of time with my senior project students–at least an hour a week, but usually more–equivalent at least to an extra course per semester.

While almost all of them have involved web application development of one form or another, the technologies used by the students have included all of the following:, Ruby on Rails, Zend Framework for PHP, ASP.Net MVC Framework, Dojo Toolkit, jQuery, Epoc Neural Interface, iPhone, WordPress, Solr, Embedded Systems Development, Trac, and Subversion.  While I was familiar with some of these technologie prior to coming to JMU, the majority of them required me to spend significant time developing competence enough to support the students engaged in those projects.

  • ShenanSOA: Bringing Water Quality Data to the Web Using a Service-Oriented Architecture, by Jeremy Balch and Matt Gilkeson, 2007
  • Web-Based Automation for LOTI Capacity Factor Analysis Model, Michael McMahon, 2009
  • Matching roommates based on compatibility, in the hands of students, Tony Hakes and Kyle Heiman, 2009
  • UMatter2Us–Collaborative Learning Management System, Tommy Fadoul, 2009
  • Spot-A-Ride, Arthur Burwell and Darrin Whitley, 2009
  • Development of a Residential Site Assessment and Economic Feasibility Calculator for Behind-the-Meter Wind Energy Generation in Virginia, David Ramsey and Brian Rapp, 2010
    ***This project won both the ISAT Integration Award and the Best Honors Thesis Award*** 
  • OnTrack–An Online Academic Planning Tool for ISAT Majors, Rachel Palmquist, 2010
  • UMatter2Us: The Use of Computers in Peer Assessment for Higher Education, Thomas Haney, 2010
  • The Use of Electroencephalogram Technology to Harness Brain Waves that Singal Motion to Control an External Computer Application, Alyssa Klepper and Morgan Mason, 2011
  • Mobile Assessment Tool for Water, Sanitation, and Household Energy Technology Selection in Developing Countries, Graham Madden, 2011
  • Harrisonburg Department of Public Transportation Itinerary Planner, Amber Long and Courtney Jones, 2011
  • Development of a Residential Site Assessment and Economic Calculator for Solar Thermal Systems in Virginia, Matthew Merkel, 2011
  • True Dynasty: A Fantasy Football League Application, Shaun Watson, 2011
  • WPSolr: A WordPress Plugin to Automate Online Knowledge-Base Creation, Rachel Jacobson, 2011
  •–An Application to Automate the Creation of Spotter Charts for College Football Sports Announcers, Jason Farber, Adam Maas, Matt Hurd, Brian Ford, Alex Mastro, Chris Gogoel, Michael Sliwinski, 2012
In addition, I’ve provided significant support to several other senior projects:
  • Fish Disease and Mortality Information System, Chris Brill, 2010
  • Wireless Sensor Networks: Autonomous Solutions for Large Scale Research, Jordan Baker and Cyril Thornton, 2010