Recruiting and PR Events

I have been a very active participant in promoting the ISAT major at various events throughout my time here:

  • I represented JMU and ISAT at the Tech Expo held at Liberty University during the Fall of 2008 and also went on a recruiting trip to the Central Virginia Governor’s School in Lynchburg, VA
  • I have been one of the primary organizers and speakers at the Fall ISAT Recruiting Events held every year.  These events usually net 8-10 new majors each year.
  • I created and ran the ISAT Video Contest which increased awareness about ISAT such as this one:
  • I have participated in most of the Saturday Open Houses, Take-A-Look days and Choices events since I’ve been here.  In particular, I was asked to be a speaker at the Choices event held in the Convo Center in Spring 2008: